Speaking & Writing


Master of Media in Journalism and Communication
Guest Lecture
Rebranding a Canadian University
January 11, 2016

Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE)
Communications and Marketing Workshop 2015
There and Back Again: Leveraging academic and athletic tradition and history to rebrand a university
St. Andrew’s Club, Toronto, Ontario
February 26, 2015

International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
What’s Your Name Again? Navigating a Corporate Rebrand or Repositioning
Western Continuing Studies, London, Ontario
October 22, 2014

World 100 Reputation Network
Annual Conference 2014
Canadian Edge Cutters:
How Western Evolved its Communications to Reflect Sectorial and Social Change and Sharpen its Act

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
October 7, 2014

Clarke Road Secondary School – Career’s Program
Careers in Communications
London, Ontario
October 30, 2012

Ontario Municipalities Strategic Planning Meeting
Rebranding Western University
City Hall, London, Ontario
October 26, 2012

International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
Rebranding: A New Visual Identity for Western University
Windermere Manor Grand Hall, London, Ontario
May 17, 2012

Ignite: Staff and Leaders’ Conference
Leaving Your Mark
Western University
February 22, 2012




Small cover Winter 2014 WAGLogo’s most important element is you

By Terry Rice

American design guru Michael Bierut put it best: “Logos on their own, particularly new ones, don’t mean that much in and of themselves.”

Don’t get me wrong.

Western’s much-needed rebrand comes at a critical point in our history. A once regional university has earned a national reputation for providing an experience second to none. That reputation can only strengthen as we build partnerships with universities around the globe.

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Farley Mowat

The apprentice

Retired schoolteacher found his sense of adventure as Farley Mowat’s hired hand

By Terry Rice

Rudy Pilz was in the middle of his tool and die apprenticeship when the company he was working for burnt to the ground.

It was 1967 and for the 20-year-old, options for a new apprenticeship were limited.

That’s when he met Farley McGill Mowat in the small town streets of Port Hope, Ontario.

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writing_arsenaultA rock and hard places

Adrienne Arsenault reports from one of the most volatile places on Earth, yet her outlook is optimistic

By Terry Rice

There’s a “jagged, fist-sized” rock that sits on Adrienne Arsenault’s desk.

It’s a keepsake from when her and cameraman Azur Mizrachi were stoned while covering the conflict between ultra-orthodox and secular people in Jerusalem, in July 2003. After a foot race, being dragged and finally making it back to her vehicle, “my rock” as she calls it, came crashing through the back window. She’s kept it ever since – a kind of “mascot” but also memento of that moment.

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Old Canadian Tire magazine coverCanadian Tire archive ‘treasure trove’

By Terry Rice

On the campus of The University of Western Ontario, neatly tucked away inside 1,040 cardboard boxes, an expression of Canadian culture like no other quietly sits waiting to be uncovered.

Ironically, it’s an Australian professor, Dale Miller, who has blown the lid off this incredible collection of materials known as The Canadian Tire Heritage Collection.

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Formosan termitesIs that email fact or fiction?

An email hoax created a continent-wide nightmare and a ‘forward’ by a Canadian university employee added credibility to the act of malice.

By Terry Rice

It’s hard to believe that trying to be helpful could turn out so badly.

But for one secretary at an Ontario university that’s exactly what happened.

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